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Dreams & Memory is a series of large scale watercolor paintings based on a Breuwen pilgrimage to Japan in 2017. This month long journey through seven very different cities fostered a connection and respect to the animistic culture of Japan. The inspiration from their culture and heritage is reflected in the paintings.

The watercolors are of Japanese landscapes, but with an intentional warped perspective. Each piece is twisted and appears to pull around the viewer; like a dream or memory. This series also explores how our memories changes each time they are remembered, and asks the question:
“Are memories any more reliable than our dreams”.

This painting is based on a tower in Hakone's Open Air Museum called “Symphonic Sculpture” by Gabriel Loire, a several story lookout tower of stained glass with a spiral staircase leading visitors to the top. 

Original Watercolor Size Approx 48.5" x 44.5" 

Lux Quality Print. Printed on archival heavy stock watercolor paper. The printing creates a Lux artisan quality product that looks like an original watercolor painting.

  • Full Scale:  Approx 48.5" x 44.5" 
  • Half Scale: Approx. 24" W x 24" H, unframed
  • Small: Approx. 12"W x 12"H, unframed
  • Prints are size customizable! Please email with your size for a quote.
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