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 “Okunoin cemetery, Mt Koya Japan was one of the most spiritual places I’ve ever been. It was a blessing to spend a few days with the shingon esoteric Buddhist monks, participate in their meditations and rituals, and hear their stories about their beliefs. This piece is a funeral marker, and represents the 5 elements in their tradition, and it was such an honor to touch this marker in person, connect to it, and share it through art.” -Grey

Funeral marker from the Okunoin cemetery, Mt Koya Japan.
Original was executed as a 2 part watercolor 15” X 22”H.

Lux Quality Print. Printed on archival heavy stock watercolor paper. The printing creates a Lux artisan quality product that looks like an original watercolor paining.

  • Full Scale: Approx 15”W x 22”H print, unframed.
  • Small: Approx 5”W x 7”H print, unframed.
  • Prints are size customizable! Please email with your size for a quote.
  • Orders ship approx. 2 weeks from order via ground freight.