Sugi Dreams - Small Reproductions

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  • Half Scale: Approx. 16" W x 22" H, unframed
  • Small: Approx. 8"W x 11"H, unframed

 “Inspired by the island of Yakushima, one of the Osumi Islands off the south of Japan. Will and I spent Christmas Eve there during a massive storm, in a sugi cedar cottage. During the day we hiked through their forest, with trees that are up to 2300 years old, and we certainly alive and watching us. The lush green vegetation and the stillness of the forest were both beautiful and otherworldly ✨.” -Grey

Lux Quality Reproduction! Printed on archival heavy stock watercolor paper. The printing creates a Lux artisan quality product that looks like an original watercolor painting. 

Lead Time (If not in stock) Approx 2 weeks from order.